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Apply for a Grant

Catholic schools within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee are welcome and encouraged to apply for funding from FIRE Foundation of Milwaukee. We offer two grant programs, as detailed below. 


FIRE Grants

FIRE Grant applications for the 2024-25 school year are available now and accepted through January 29, 2024! 

Our FIRE Grant program directly supports the needs of students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including personnel costs and adaptive technology or curriculum. 

FIRE Grant applications are annual but may be awarded for multiple consecutive years.

Contact to request more information or a copy of the FIRE Grant Application for the 2024-25 school year.

Project Grants

Our Project Grant program funds well-defined steps to initiate or increase the inclusion of children with disabilities.

The program awards one-time grants of a limited dollar amount to schools demonstrating a plan to expand inclusive education.

Grant applications are available and accepted on a perpetual basis. For more information, please click the link below.

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